Financial Advisory for Women

It's About Time.



Bell Tower Advisors Philosophy

  • We are independent
  • We are fee-only
  • We act as fiduciaries on behalf of our clients
  • We are committed to remain a boutique firm
  • We serve women (and like-minded men!)

Second Opinion Investment Review

Do doctors sometimes recommend that you get a second opinion on their diagnosis? Why not do the same thing with your investment portfolio?

Whether you manage your own investments or have an advisory relationship, we offer a unique service called “Second Opinion Investment Review”, which provides you with a comprehensive, written report which includes the following:

  1. A second, objective look at your investment portfolio.
  2. Our opinion on its overall strengths and weaknesses.
  3. Assessment of asset allocation (current vs. target), and suitability.
  4. Review of advisory and brokerage fees and suitability.
  5. Review / explanation of advisory and brokerage reporting.
  6. Individual holding analysis and suitability.
  7. Performance review.
  8. Recommendations for improvement.

You provide us with recent brokerage statements and advisory reports, complete our questionnaire, and we will provide you with a customized report on the above including analytics and commentary.

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