Financial Advisory for Women

It's About Time.



Bell Tower Advisors Philosophy

  • We are independent
  • We are fee-only
  • We act as fiduciaries on behalf of our clients
  • We are committed to remain a boutique firm
  • We serve women (and like-minded men!)

Roadmap (Process Outline)

Investment Management: New Client Process
For new Investment Management clients of Bell Tower Advisors, here is a list of our respective responsibilities during the early stages of our relationship:

  • Agree on assets/accounts being managed and sign BTA Portfolio Management Agreement. (Client + BTA)
  • Complete:
    • New Client Data Questionnaire (Client)
    • Risk Tolerance Questionnaire (Client)
    • Investment Goals Questionnaire (Client)
  • Develop Investment Policy Statement (IPS) which outlines client’s goals, restrictions, and target asset allocation.(BTA)
  • Review IPS, confirm accuracy. (Client + BTA)
  • Complete account application/paperwork to transfer accounts to TD/Ameritrade. (Client + BTA)
  • Monitor transfer of assets. (BTA)
  • Once transferred, begin implementation of target asset allocation. (BTA)
  • Monitor investments, adhere to target asset allocation, provide quarterly reports. (BTA)
  • In-person meetings (at least quarterly during first year, after that, at least semi-annually), newsletters (monthly), phone calls and personal emails (regularly) to discuss investments and markets. (Client + BTA)
  • Ask questions whenever you have them! (Client)

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