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Press Release - January, 2014

Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™ Margie Carpenter Adds New Service for Divorcing Women

The Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts™ (IDFA™, is pleased to announce that Margie Carpenter of Bell Tower Advisors, in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, has recently completed a specialized educational program in professional divorce financial analysis, and is now a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™ (CDFA™).

Margie is trained to provide financial information, education and assistance to people going through a divorce.  She evaluates the tax implications and the financial impact of various settlement options for dividing marital property (including pensions) and child and spousal support payments.  “At Bell Tower Advisors, we help determine the short and long-term financial impact of a proposed divorce settlement to make sure it works today as well as into the future”, says Margie Carpenter.  “We analyze the financial issues of a divorce, providing our clients and their lawyers with data to strengthen their case.  We help our clients avoid common pitfalls of divorce by offering valuable insights into the pros and cons of different settlement proposals.”

IDFA™ trains professionals – financial planners, accountants and lawyers -- to determine the financial needs and outcomes for couples after divorce.  Founded in 1993, IDFA™ currently supports more than 2,500 CDFA’s across the United States and Canada.  The number of professionals receiving the CDFA™ designation continues to grow by 15% each year.  The designation and this niche industry are expanding rapidly as more people across the country search for alternative divorce processes--from collaborative law to mediation—rather than litigating their case using lawyers as their only line of defense.

Margie launched Bell Tower Advisors in 2010 to help mid-life, independent women navigate their financial lives, focusing on their investments and retirement planning.  She helps them determine their short and long term goals and structures their investments accordingly, while educating them on market behaviors and financial issues.  She also helps them to maximize the financial resources available to them (tax-advantaged retirement plans, Social Security, savings, etc.) as they proceed through their lives.   

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