Financial Advisory for Women

It's About Time.



Bell Tower Advisors Philosophy

  • We are independent
  • We are fee-only
  • We act as fiduciaries on behalf of our clients
  • We are committed to remain a boutique firm
  • We serve women (and like-minded men!)


Fee Schedule

  • Investment Management (Ongoing)
    • Annual fee based on assets under management (deducted from account, paid quarterly in arrears):
      Up to $2,500,000 1.00%
      $2,5000,001 to $5,000,000 .90%
      Over $5,000,001 .80%
    • Upfront deposit (commitment fee) of $500 due at time of contract signing.
    • For new clients starting 2017 and after, our minimum annual fee is $5,000.00.
  • Second Opinion Investment Review (project based)
    • Comprehensive review of investable assets and accounts. Includes complete analysis of existing portfolio(s), asset allocation, securities, fees, and recommendations.
      $1,500 flat fee (negotiable depending on complexity of assets.)
      Upfront deposit of 25% ($375) due at time of contract signing.
  • Other Services
    • Other services, including consulting and financial planning services, are available upon request. Fees are typically project-based, are negotiable and are dependent upon specific project needs.
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