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Bitcoins: Investment or Bust?


You may have been hearing lately about an alternative currency known as Bitcoins, and the stories tend to be bizarre.  Like, for example, the person who traded in his computer for a newer model and later

We (Women) are not Saving Enough


According to this article, it is predominantly women who have the greatest chance to live to be age 100.  And the article also states that less than one-third of women over the age of 55 have saved the amount they should have by now, in order to meet

Social Security Benefits


How Much You Don't Know About Retirement


I have found that one of the best ways to learn is by jumping in and taking a quiz.  You quickly find out what you do and don’t know, and what you thought you knew which turned out to be wrong, too.

Ramona Pierson


Our Government Shutdown


Shutdown? Default? Consequences?

It's possible that you've heard a news report or two about the government shutdown that started October 1, and now a dispute over raising the U.S. debt ceiling and possibly defaulting on the government's debt obligations as soon as October 17.  The question for

Interest Rates are Trending Up. Should you care?


While the Syria situation has taken center stage in the news, it won’t be long before the rise in interest rates becomes headlines again.  So, if you haven't already, you will soon be hearing alarming reports of the "dramatic rise of Treasury bond rates," and the breathless implication in the articles and on the

The Rollercoaster Effect


For discussion purposes, let’s say there are two kinds of investors in this world (which is pretty close anyway).  One type pays close attention to the daily (and sometimes hourly) flood of information, looking for a reason (any reason) to jump in or out of the markets.  (If you’re reading this, you know

Why Hold Bonds?


While the month of May turned out to be a good month for stocks, it was anything but for bonds.  Nearly all bond categories were down for the month.  Bond prices go down when rates go up, but we haven’t seen this environment for quite a long time. What we HAVE seen is that bond prices go up when

Investing by Population


I’ve done a lot of research over the years to understand how the sizes (or values) of the world’s various stock markets compare to other measures of the world’s size, such as our growing world population.  This map has been widely circulated among professional investors, and tells an astonishing story. 

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