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2014 Performance: Men versus Women

According to at least one source, women beat men in the investing department last year.  Read it and weep!  Actually, I find it rather amusing that this contest between men and women has been developing over the last few years.  It didn't even exist 10 years ago.  But if you read closely, you'll see that the "older" group (50 - 64) did the best of all group

80% of quiz takers failed

I just read a fascinating article on a "retirement quiz" that was given to 1,000 older Americans (age 60 - 75), and ONLY 20% of them PASSED.  Yikes!  So yes, 80% FAILED.

Some Reminders about THE MARKET

Some reminders about THE MARKET

We all do it.  But what do we really know about investing?  A recent post about investing wisdom features a lot of interesting (and often overlooked) facts and figures, plus some insights from Warren Buffett, Jeremy Siegel, William Bernstein, Nobel laureate Daniel Kahneman and a few economists you may have heard of.

Relative Prosperity

You might have read that the U.S.

$111,000? You're kidding, right?

The Social Security Administration just announced it's "cost of living adjustment" for Social Security recipients, which will be an increase of 1.7% starting in January, 2015.  Which raises the question, will this make much of a difference, if any, to folks who get Social Security?  The answer is no. It won't. 

Volatility is up. So What?

Professional investors know something that most people find impossible to believe: that the threat of scary ups and downs in the markets is by far the best friend of the long-term investor.  Why?  Because over the long term, stocks have provided returns far higher than bonds or cash.  If it weren’t for the occasional dizzying gyrations, any rational investor would put his o

How to check out a (or your!) financial advisor

How do you know if an advisor is truly working on your behalf, or just earning commissions for his/her own bank account?

Are you ready to compare your financial life to that of your peers?

I think this is a brilliant idea for a financial tool on the web. It is a FREE tool, and located on VOYA's (investment firm formerly called ING) website, at

The Bond King's Messy Exit

Financial advisors and the investment community were shocked last Friday when Bill Gross, sometimes referred to as “the bond king”, resigned from PIMCO, a firm he founded in 1971 that rose to become one of the largest mutual fund management firms in the world.  Gross also served as fund manager for the $221.6 billion PIMCO Total Return fund, and made frequent television ap

The Largest “Record Breaking” IPO in History

Last fall it was Twitter.  Before that, it was Facebook.  Now it’s Alibaba (symbol: BABA), the huge Chinese e-commerce company that just became the largest tech IPO in history, after raising $21.8 billion in its initial public offering on September 18.  It started actual trading around mid-day, today, September 19th.

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