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  • We are independent
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The Fiduciary Rule Moves Forward

Who’s On Your Side?

Eight Years Ago (exactly!)

The current bull market in stocks has reached its 8th anniversary today (March 9, 2009 was the official bottom), and for about the last four years, professional investors and financial planners have been scratching their heads.  The markets have gone up and up and up, and we all know that they won’t go up forever, which means there’s a correction looming somewhere on the horizo

Drug Costs in the US

We hear all the time that medical costs are too high in the U.S., and that Medicare is going to go bankrupt in the future.  The President-Elect recently told us in a press conference that drug companies are “getting away with murder.”  So how high are drug prices, and are those prices contributing at all to the high medical costs in the U.S.?

Higher Rates Are Coming

Anybody who was surprised that the Federal Reserve Board decided to raise its benchmark interest rate this week probably wasn’t paying attention.  The U.S.

Protected Social Security Accounts

The Social Security Administration has tightened security in order to prevent hackers and identity thieves. Now, when you log into your Social Security Administration account, you do what you’ve always done: give your user name and password. Then you receive a security code sent by text message, and type in that code to complete your login procedure.

Work Longer, Live Longer

There’s finally an answer to an age-old question: How can you live a longer, more satisfying life? 

The answer: work past the traditional retirement age of 65.  Perhaps WAY past.

Bring on the "Empty Nest" Years

Sallie Krawcheck Explains Why Women’s Careers Heat Up Just As Men’s Slow Down

How Should We Think About the Future?

Chances are, you’re underestimating the amount of progress we've made and we’re going to make in technology, medicine and a host of other things. Why? Because your brain, and mine, and everyone else’s, thinks linearly, rather than exponentially.

Cheaters, Thieves and Tax Havens

Leaked information tells the story of prominent world leaders who avoided taxes or looted their country’s treasuries in order to squirrel away not only money, but expensive yachts, luxury homes, ownership of a candy company and investments in construction companies.

The Anxious Bull

We’re in one of the longest-running, biggest wealth-producing bull markets in history, but you wouldn’t know it from the headlines or the gloomy mood of investors.  On March 9, the bull market in U.S.

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