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Bell Tower Advisors Philosophy

  • We are independent
  • We are fee-only
  • We act as fiduciaries on behalf of our clients
  • We are committed to remain a boutique firm
  • We serve women (and like-minded men!)

"I believe women deserve a better experience in working with a financial advisor. "


Welcome to Bell Tower Advisors

During our journey in the world of investing, we have seen that women have dreams, worries and real feelings about money, many of which are different from men. With more than half of the wealth in the U.S. now being controlled by women, why is it that these differences have not been addressed by many advisors? And, why do some of us still feel intimidated at the thought of discussing our portfolios, bank accounts and investments with an advisor?  It is because the financial advice industry is still heavily dominated by men using traditional and confusing terminology, which can feel like code being fired at you, making you question your ability to understand the conversation.  Let alone participate in it.

That overwhelming feeling is why we formed Bell Tower Advisors. We believe women deserve a better experience working with a financial advisor. We provide an educational, collaborative and straight-talking approach which meshes with a woman’s way of thinking. We make it comfortable and understandable. We have worked for decades alongside those men but we understand your communication style because we grew up using it, just like you. And we also understand your desire for a deeper conversation about money, discussing things like do I have enough, or how do I accumulate enough to achieve all my goals in life (hint: first we need to figure out what those goals are, and we will help you fine tune that).

Another area where we are different from other advisory practices is in how we define success.  Many firms in the industry define success by their size or growth; how much money they manage, how many new clients they “win” each year, and how much their profits increase.  Of course, in order to access industry resources and provide great service, our firm must be profitable, but growth isn’t the primary goal.  Bell Tower Advisors will remain a small, boutique firm, where we have a limited number of clients whom we know extremely well and work with for a long time.  You won’t see our name on the lists of the fastest growing or largest advisory firms in the country, and that’s quite alright with us. What defines us now and going forward is the complete satisfaction of our clients, getting to know them extremely well, and being with them on their journey forward.  This is our focus.

Whether you have experienced a life-altering event such as a divorce, an inheritance, a job change, widowhood, or simply are searching for a different kind of advisory experience, we would love to explore how we may be able to help you. Our website will hopefully give you a flavor for what we are all about. Take a look around, and maybe you’ll learn something you didn’t know or a question will pop into your mind.  Either way, we would love to hear from you.

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